Congratulations Warwick Teachers!

The Warwick Education Foundation funded a total of $33,167 in grants for the 2017-2018 school year to enrich student education in the Warwick School District. Twenty-eight grant applications were received and 15 grants were approved and awarded this school year. Over 45 teachers will implement the grants throughout the current school year. Recipients of the grants were announced and congratulated at a recent district assembly. 

This breakdown presents the details of these grants and the programs they support.  Innovative Education Grants provide individual teachers, groups of teachers or departments with grants to pursue innovative programs and instructional projects related to the overall educational program in the Warwick School District.  Expert in Residence grants fund visits by outside experts to offer programs such as lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on learning that augment, enrich and extend the regular curriculum.

Warwick Education Foundation Grants awarded to Elementary Schools

  • All Elementary Schools in the district will participate in One School, One Book, One Community. Through this program, over 2,000 Warwick elementary students will read the same book at the same time with their families. Extension activities provide home and school involvement, and connect students to the community through a school-wide community service project. The program received $10,000 for purchase of books for all schools to participate.
  • Global Read Aloud involves 6thgrade students who listen to a common novel read aloud around the world. With collaborative writing, discussions, and interactive technology such as Skype, Google Hangouts, and Google Classroom students connect with other students around the globe virtually. Requested by Lisa Colino and Katie Eberly at Kissel Hill Elementary the global read aloud novel, which costs $621 promotes the joy of reading, and utilizes the 4 C’s – including creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking.
  • Lititz Elementary School will be “Getting our Hands onMath,” through use of hands on manipulatives during instruction and exploration. The $1,450 program for kindergarten classes will develop deep conceptual math learning through games and 1:1 correspondence.
  • Lititz Elementary will also be “Building Connections” in grades Kindergarten through 6thwith the creation of a Mathematical Learning Library. The library will allow students to borrow PA Core aligned materials and use them at home for one week. To reinforce math concepts and help differentiate instruction for specific students, teachers will also be able to sign out math materials. Teachers will then provide an evaluation and feedback.
  • Local storyteller Rita Clarke will present a week-long program to 4thgrade students through a $2,500 Expert in residence grant. Clarke will be integrating a 3-week unit introducing students to elements that make a good story. Clarke will tell Fairytales, Folk Tales, and Myths in the Language Arts Curriculum. Clarke will introduce exercises for building, using nonverbals and performing a story. Student storytellers will be featured in a Storytelling Festival Assembly.
  • Brent Daniels, an award winning composer, producer, sound and recording artist will be sculpting sound and creating music through an Expert in Residence Grant funded with $1,345 requested by David Houseknecht at Lititz Elementary. Daniels will introduce strategies in composition in the current music industry blending high energy music, audience participation, information, and humor using the latest music technology.
  • All Warwick School District Elementary Schools grades 1st-2ndwill be visited by Ethan Long through an Expert in Residence Grant of $3,700 awarded to Christine Landis, Rebecca Martin, and Jaynie Korzi. Long will demonstrate how to sketch out a story idea from a student’s suggestion. Long is internationally recognized for over 85 titles and he is the creator of animated children’s television shows.
  • Stephanie Baxter of Kissel Hill Elementary School received $700 to provide students with Autism and other health impairments appropriate materials and activities to enhance their learning experience. Students will have access to weighted blankets, sensory/tactile discs, yoga mats, stability balls, a large, lidded sensory table, fidgets and chewy necklaces available to them during special breaks. Baxter supports students currently with movement breaks, stretching exercises, body weight exercises, social skill instruction and coping skills.
  • The District Speech and Language Development Department at Lititz Elementary received $495 to provide students with speech and language intervention.  Through Hearbuilder, students will have access to an evidence based, standards-aligned language and therapy.

Warwick Education Foundation Grants awarded to Warwick Middle School

  • The Warwick Middle School received Science Olympiad equipment by the request of Lee Walter for $600. The nationally recognized program is a competition involving 23 events. It is based on the 7th-9thgrade curriculum including life science, chemistry, physics, technology, astronomy, earth, and space science.
    The grant covers the cost of building material and disposable supplies such as string, pulleys, balsa wood glue and hot glue sticks.  Lab supplies and registration fees for invitational competitions costs are also covered with these funds.
  • The Warwick Middle School science department received $3,000 to purchase 15 Boreal Science Standard Compound Microscopes which will be used by all students in 7thgrade during the cell and cell division units. The new microscopes when added to the current available Boreal microscopes will help expand the current course content.
  • Warwick Middle School 8thgrade students will see a live performance by the New Jersey Shakespeare Theater connected to a text in their current curriculum. The program, “From Page to Stage – Performance Theater “funded on $1,500 requested by Wendy Hoyer is held at the middle school.

Warwick Education Foundation Grants awarded to Warwick High School

  • The one-time purchase of two software programs provides layered software for Sarah Martens of the Warwick High School science department. Funding of $680 provides interactive inquiry activities for students in the science program.
  • Just as a professional geologist or meteorologist uses models to analyze data, students will get a hands on experience learning about various layers of the earth’s surface and atmosphere. The three Polarizing microscopes at the cost of $2,670 provide students of Sarah Martens and William Bond the opportunity to analyze rocks and minerals on a molecular level. Students are able to look at a thin section just as a real geologists would.
  • Doug Balmer of Warwick High School received $916 for the Click It or Ticket It. Clickers purchased allow students to submit feedback on a regular basis. Students are then polled to submit feedback during tests, lab discussions, and in classroom notes.

Article by Sarah Hummer, a volunteer writer for the Warwick Education Foundation.