Education Foundation Awards Grants

2015-16-WEF-Grant-RecipientsThe new school year is off to a great start and the Warwick Education Foundation (WEF) is pleased to be part of it – making new and exciting learning opportunities available for Warwick students the year.  Grant recipients were recognized at the Opening Day Teacher In service program.

The Warwick Education Foundation awarded grants totaling $48,099 to teachers in the Warwick School District for 2015-16.  Thirty-nine teachers received grant funding to implement 20 innovative educational programs and experiences this school year.  Students in all six Warwick schools, elementary through high school, will experience the new programs.

This year’s WEF awards cover a variety of categories. “Innovative Education Grants” (up to $1,500 for individual teachers, or $3,000 for groups of teachers) provide educational activities that are new and inventive.  “Computer technology” grants bring tools and new learning styles and opportunities to classrooms.  In addition, “Expert in Residence” grants support visits from outside experts who offer workshops, demonstrations, theater, and hands-on learning to Warwick students.   This year, the Foundation dispersed grants totaling $30,678 for the Innovative Education Grants and $17,421 for the Expert in Residence Program.

Projects that received funding were selected by the Warwick Education Foundation using a competitive process.

Here’s a sampling of selected Innovative Education Grants and Expert in Residence Grants.

At Warwick High School:

  • Link Crew – Freshmen Transition Orientation Program – A student leadership training forum that gives upperclassmen mentoring skills to support incoming freshmen. The Link Crew program helps orient and assimilate 9th graders into the high school for success.
  • CNC Manufacturing – A new computer numerical controlled (CNC) router to help students learn modern manufacturing processes. Students will use the router to produce high quality technology products that they design and program.

At Warwick Middle School:

  • SmartMusic at School and at Home – Interactive software for music students that makes practicing musical instruments more personalized. Sample exercises, recordings, and individual assignments allow students to progress based on their abilities inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Innovative iTechnology in the Classroom – Five additional iPad mini computers to give Learning Support students specialized learning opportunities geared to their specific needs.

At Warwick elementary schools:

  • Franklin Institute Science Program – A live, entertaining presentation of the Franklin Institute’s science program “Hot and Cold” will occur at all four Warwick elementary schools to reinforce science concepts learned in the classroom.
  • Storyteller Rita Clarke – Students at Lititz Elementary School will participate in a weeklong adventure with local storyteller Rita Clarke, learning and practicing storytelling skills. A Storytelling Festival for parents and gr. 3-6 students will be the culminating activity.

The complete list of grants awarded for 2015-16 may be viewed by visiting
Innovative Education Grant 2015-16
Expert in Residence Grants 2015-16

Speaking of Education – September 2015
By Barbara Mobley