Renowned Author, Illustrator Ethan Long visits Warwick Schools

Enthusiastic author, Ethan Long thrilled young students in his visits to Warwick’s Elementary Schools through the Expert in Residence Grant provided by the Warwick Education Foundation on November 13, 2017.

Ethan Long is an internationally recognized children’s author and illustrator with over 85 titles to his credit. Long is also a creator of the Emmy – Nominated pre-school series Tasty Time With Zefronk which aired daily on Disney Channel from 2008-2016.

Long’s work is targeted to a younger audience, and he spoke with over 590 students in 1st and 2nd grades throughout the district. Elementary school teachers Christine Landis, Rebecca Martin, and Jaynie Korzi received the grant to bring Long to Warwick schools.  The purpose of the program was to inspire and motivate young students to read and write.  According to Landis, “When students see adults excited about reading and writing they learn that these are pleasurable lifelong activities.”

Mr. Long sketched out a story from an idea suggested by the students. He shared tips about how to illustrate through fun exercises that had students in an uproar of laughter and excitement.

He discussed the importance of using one’s own experiences in creating a story. Long explained how even as a grown-up he makes mistakes and is still a student of writing. Long’s enthusiasm for writing and his admittance that he is still trying to become a better writer, encourages students to keep trying.

Follow-up activities continued through curriculum with discussion of Long’s visit and subsequent writing activities.  All of his books were checked out of the library following his visits. He successfully motivated students to read.

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