Innovative Education Grants

The Innovative Education Grant Program, formerly known as the Teacher Grant program, provides grants to individual teachers, groups of teachers or departments to pursue innovative programs and instructional projects related to the overall educational program in the Warwick School District.  The grants are intended to provide for educational activities that augment, enrich and extend the regular curriculum. The grants are not intended to fund textbooks, tests, staff development, professional libraries or similar projects.

Grant applications for programs in the 2019-20 school year are due by March 14, 2019.  A committee comprised of WEF board members reviews and evaluates all grant applications and determines which applications will be funded.

Two types of Innovative Education Grants are available.
o        Individual grants with a maximum award of $1,500.
o        Group grants (2 or more people applying jointly) with a maximum award of $3,000.

Note: Grant requests exceeding these award amounts and approved by the District Administration may be submitted to the Warwick Education Foundation for consideration on an ad hoc basis.

Innovative Education Grant Application (.pdf)

Congratulations to the teachers who were awarded teacher grants by the Warwick Education Foundation for the 2019-20 school year.
2018-19 Innovative Education Grant Recipients (.pdf)