WEF Awards Grants for 2016-17

wef-grant-recipients-2016-171Warwick Education Foundation presented a check for $50,138 to Warwick School District on Sep 20th to fund seventeen grants awarded to Warwick teachers for the 2016-17 school year. The grants were awarded through WEF’s competitive grant process, and enrich learning on a wide variety of topics at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.

Here’s a closer look at how these funds benefit students directly.  Additional information is available at www.WarwickEF.org

WEF Grants awarded to Elementary Schools

  • John R. Bonfield, Kissel Hill, John Beck, and Lititz Elementary received $3,000 each for legos and simple machines kits to enhance the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) educational initiative. Legos allow students to learn about the scientific principles of simple machines and programming, the building blocks of technology.
  • All four elementary schools received a combined grant of $10,290 to conduct the One Book, One School, One Community Program which is sponsored in part by Howard and Susan Kramer. Children and families across the community will read the same book together next spring!
  • The four elementary schools received a combined total of $10,000 for students to participate in the Franklin Institute’s traveling science show, During assemblies, students will observe and explore the history and scientific principles of flight as they learn about gliders, airplanes, jets, and ornithopters.
  • John Beck El received $2,400 for The History of Fun Stuff books and news apps for the iPad to learn how things started and current events.
  • To promote literature and learning in the concept areas of beat, rhythm, melody, and harmony, John Beck El received $488 to fund Mallet Madness, a collection of mallet instruments for the music classroom.
  • John Beck El received $720 for the One Minute Reader iPad App. It accelerates reading achievement by repeated reading and progress monitoring.
  • John Beck El received funding of $1,129 for Lego Story Starters kits to engage students in building story sequences, and adding visual detail.
  • John R. Bonfield El received a $2,550 grant to combine music with teaching the writing process.

WEF Grants awarded to Middle and High Schools

  • Warwick Middle School received $2,000 to fund a live performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream to complement the 8th grade language arts curriculum.
  • Warwick High School received a $2,816 grant for iPads and apps for special education classes.
  • The Link Crew, a HS mentor and transition program for freshmen entering WHS, received $1,500 for training activities.
  • The WHS Technical Education department received $2,670 for a 3-D printer to expose learners to technology encountered in engineering, designing and science careers.
  • The WHS Chemistry department received a $2,500 grant to purchase chemicals for use by Honors Chemistry students with science fair projects in the Honors Chemistry curriculum.
  • The WHS Science department received a $3,000 grant for biotechnological equipment to isolate segments of DNA that will be studied further using the polymerase chain reaction.
  • Finally, WHS Science department received $2,995 in grant funds for toolsto study electromagnetic and nuclear radiation.

WEF is a non-profit organization that provides education programs and opportunities to enrich student education within the Warwick School District beyond the regular curriculum. For more information, contactinfo@WarwickEF.org or visit www.WarwickEF.org.

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