Foundation presents Franklin Institute’s Traveling Science Show


WEF presents Franklin Institute’s Traveling Science Show
The human history of flight through concepts and inventions was presented by Mr. Paul Taylor, manager of Franklin Institute’s Traveling Science Show called “Flight.” Students experienced live experiments  in the science of flight during the show presented for each grade at all four Elementary Schools. Over 1,800 students participated.

Students cheered as the ornithopter flapped overhead to demonstrate some of the first inventions in flight history from inventors such as Leonardo DaVinci.

Third Grader, Calvin said Mr. Paul was “funny” and Calvin learned that, “birds’ bones are not filled,” but are hollow.
Taylor explained the forces of flight such as gravity, thrust, drag, air pressure, lift, and combustion. Taylor creatively demonstrated each concept in the assembly through experiments often incorporating student volunteers.

Demonstrations of drag created by an air foils’ design, to a basic description of Bournoulli’s principles in fluid dynamics, had students bubbling with laughter. Taylor used sound effects and jokes to explain concepts. Students marveled at each experiment which unfolded right before their eyes.

Students selected from the audience assisted in the hot air balloon experiment after the hearing the silly story of the Montgolfier brothers’ from France discovery after hot air from a fire gave lift to their drying laundry.

Third grader, Rina who thought the presentation was “Super-tastic” explains that she learned “air is small.” Taylor showed students how heated air spreads out to fill the hot air balloon as it floated all the way up to the gymnasium ceiling.
Third grader, Ameira felt the entire presentation was, “extraordinary” and is looking forward to becoming an Astronaut when she grows up.

Taylor had the entire school raising their hands, hoping to be chosen for each demonstration. Taylor had a primary presentation for the younger group and a slightly more advanced curriculum for the fourth, fifth, and sixth graders.
Taylor summed up the show by proclaiming, “science, really can be a lot of fun.”

Teacher Jason Balsbaugh received $2,500 from the Warwick Education Foundation to make this District-wide elementary level assembly possible.

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