Why support the Warwick Education Foundation?

Case for Support

The Warwick Education Foundation seeks to

  • Engage all children in the Warwick community with unique and innovative educational experiences,
  • Enrich the quality and depth of their learning above and beyond the regular school curriculum, and
  • Empower them with the skills to achieve their dreams as active, contributing members of the community.

Every child deserves the highest quality education – delivered through a successful school system and the support of a community that values education.

Rich and multi-faceted education opens young minds and enables our youth to contribute to the world around them. It prepares our children for success in life and helps our community flourish.

The Warwick Education Foundation (WEF) champions education for all children of the Warwick School District. We rally the community to invest time, energy, and financial gifts to enhance our children’s learning. We provide unique educational opportunities over and above those available through traditional sources of school revenue. We make a Warwick education and our region better.

Enhancing educational impact.
Money raised gives teachers funds to pursue innovative and dynamic programs and instructional projects related to the academics and the arts – reading, world languages, science, math, history, technology, art, music, and more. It brings outside experts to schools to engage children with lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on discovery. It purchases technology resources and ensures related activities that make for world-class learning.

Building a robust community.
Through its programs, the Warwick Education Foundation:

  • Gives our children, at all grade levels and all schools, additional learning opportunities that inspire their lives today and in the future, and
  • Creates a strong education system that provides talented workers and attracts good employers who need a top-notch workforce with advanced skills and specialties.

You can help today.
Opportunities to enhance education are available now. They grow everyday as options for new curricula expand, as technology advances, and as faculty members learn of new techniques and resources they can bring to our children’s classrooms as soon as funding is available.

Your financial and volunteer contributions make an immediate impact on education for Warwick children. You engage, enrich, and empower our children with enhanced education now and prepare them for success in the dynamic and ever-changing world of the 21st century.