$51,274 in grants highlights Raising Warwick celebration

On October 4, the Warwick Education Foundation hosted its first annual Raising Warwick Education Celebration. Teachers, students, donors, school board officials, volunteers, and interested community residents gathered to hear and share stories about the Foundation’s work enriching K-12 education.
“We were delighted to see new faces,” says Barb Mobley, Executive Director. “And we were very happy to talk about the grants we’ve awarded.
Dr. April Hershey, Superintendent of the Warwick School District, spoke about the Foundation’s faithful two-decade commitment to innovative learning opportunities above and beyond our regular curriculum. Taking the long view, she linked investment in education success with community progress and well-being.
Looking to the near future, Mobley points out that “Raising Warwick is more than a single event—more than an unveiling of our kids’ new educational opportunities. We’ve still got to raise the extra money that makes extra enrichment possible. And that campaign only goes till October 30.”
For the present school year, the Foundation grant total of $51,274 is broken down into two categories. Sixteen of the grants, which add up to $39,174, are being shared by 47 Warwick teachers, with winners concentrated in reading activities and STEM programs.
An additional three grants will pay $12,100 for “Experts in Residence,” guests who bring their special talents or real-life experiences to the schools. Students will enjoy a live theatrical performance, conversation with a Newberry-winning author, and a visit from Civil War reenactor.
The Foundation’s challenge is to raise another $50,000-plus for the 2019-2020 school year. As always, Lititz and Warwick companies, other organizations, and individuals with a passion for education are expected to do the heavy lifting.
But the Foundation hopes to add to that through the Raising Warwick campaign.
“Think what a difference we could make if all 18,000 township residents pitched in to help fund the Foundation’s work,” says Mobley. “Or if even 1,800 of them stepped up for our kids. If we put our money where our values are, the whole community could celebrate Raising Warwick next year.”

Extraordinary Giving Benefits Warwick Students


In this photo, students join Cosmic Mike after one of his presentations.  Teachers Beth Smith and Sarah Holton received a grant from the Warwick Education Foundation’s Expert in Residence program to bring Cosmic Mike to town.

The Extraordinary Give, Lancaster County’s Largest Day of Giving held on November 22, was a huge success countywide and according to Warwick Education Foundation (WEF) President Grant Hummer, it was a welcome boost for local education.  In just 24 hours, participants made online donations totaling $8,986 for the Warwick Education Foundation.  These generous contributions qualify the WEF for an additional percentage of the $250,000 stretch pool that was contributed by the event organizers – the Lancaster County Community Foundation.

Hummer pointed out two examples of the types of unique and innovative learning opportunities that Extraordinary Give participants help deliver.  Both took place during the same week as the Extraordinary Give event and involved visits by Foundation-funded Experts in Residence who touched Warwick students with their programs.  Cosmic Mike, astronomer at the North Museum of Natural History, showed students the stars at Kissel Hill Elementary School and Rene Bibaud, five-time world champion jump-roper and educator, visited Lititz Elementary school for a weeklong jump-rope program that combined music rhythms and physical fitness.

During the course of Cosmic Mike’s four visits to Warwick elementary schools this fall, over 1,200 students in 3rd through 6th grade learned about the planets and the universe from his interactive presentations.    Another 500 students from all grades at Lititz Elementary School experienced Bibaud’s action-packed style and energy that challenged students and gave them confidence to try new jump-rope moves and choreograph their own routines with music.

According to Hummer, “These programs and many more like them are made possible by contributions from the community.  That’s why the WEF is so grateful to all who participated in the Extraordinary Give.”

WEF on Television Week of March 18

The Warwick Education Foundation is featured on Blue Ridge Cable 11 this week.
Tune into “Your Local Government”, the 30-minute show hosted by Bob Miller at the following times to view the program.

Monday, March 18 – 5:00pm
Tuesday, March 19 – 9:00am
Wed., March 20 – 9:30am
Thurs. March 21 – 8:00am
Fri., March 22 – 11:30am and 4:00pm