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What do a CNC milling machine, a polymerase chain reactor, and a play about the Holocaust have in common? These are just three difference-makers in the […]
What prompts a 6th grader to declare a career choice? Career Fair at John Beck Elementary, funded by a Warwick Education Foundation grant. 80 sixth-grade girls […]
Warwick High School’s new CNC milling machine isn’t just a faster way for electronics students to cut circuit boards. It’s a dramatically effective tool for teaching […]
For 3 days and 9 presentations, the Newbery-winning author wowed Warwick students. Your giving—through the Warwick Education Foundation—funded the grant to bring the author Avi to […]
Nothing like a Polymerase Chain Reactor to turn a Warwick senior into a raving biology fan. Put a very techie biology tool into the hands of […]
Dolly Parton gave 115 million books to language-hungry kids. We’re inspired.  Her father couldn’t read. But he dreamed Dolly would use her success in country music […]