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Great teaching lights the fire.
Great communities bring the kindling.

Since 1997, Warwick Education Foundation has given over $3.2 million in extra tools and extra enrichment to ignite a passion for learning in Warwick students. With your help, there’s so much more we can do to make a difference in their lives.


Enriching our children’s education is the smartest investment we can make to strengthen our community.

Smart Granting,
Rich Learning

Each year Warwick Education Foundation awards about 18 grants that allow as many as 50 teachers to purchase innovative tools that enrich important learning opportunities. And how’s that working out?

By The Numbers


Grants Funded

Since 1997


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Not Just STEM,

Our Foundation gives targeted help to Warwick educators K-12. Yes, extra funding is vital for science, technology, engineering, and math. But the arts are an essential for full-spectrum learning.

Engaging Community

Making it fun is a successful way to teach the greater community what we do. So we host entertaining events that demonstrate our value, raise money for our kids, and let everybody have fun.