Our Impact

Stories from Our Classrooms

  • Shaping Career Decisions

    Morgan Firestone, now a Millersville University student, traces her career path in video arts and film to grant-funded software we made possible during her sophomore year at Warwick High.
  • 'See' Inside Rocks

    In ninth grade geology, students “see” inside rocks to examine their mineral composition, thanks to Foundation-funded infrared microscopes.
  • iPads & Reading

    A first-grader struggles to read—and learn English. His teacher introduces him to new software for iPads, before long his face lights up. “I can read!”
  • Math Games

    “My kids can hardly wait to play the math games each day,” say third-grade teacher Patty Appel, who worked with fellow teachers and the Foundation to put new math tools in the classroom.

By The Numbers


Grants Funded

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Our Programs + Campaigns

Through several conduits we put funding at the flashpoints of learning.

Innovative Education Grants

Working with individual teachers, or small teams and sometimes entire departments, we pursue innovative programs and instructional projects. Each year our targeted grants put extra teaching tools in the classroom, giving our students extra enrichment above and beyond what the district can budget.

Expert-In-Residence Grants

There’s no substitute for actual experience or specialized knowledge. So we provide funds to schools seeking to invite “outside experts” for lectures, hands-on demonstrations, and open discussions with students. To bring learning to life, sometimes it’s essential to bring life to learning.

Technology Upgrades

How can we help prevent students from falling behind the technology curve? Examples: We’ve invested substantial funds bringing new iPads and computers to Warwick classrooms. Our funds let educators augment and extend the district’s resources for a variety of technology tools and needs.

Each year we fund over $250,000 in educational programs within the Warwick School District.