The Warwick Education Foundation awards grants annually for the implementation of innovative educational programs and experiences that benefit students in the Warwick School District community, Lancaster County, PA.

Warwick Education Foundation is offering a grant application period from February 1, 2023 to March 17, 2023. Grants will be awarded in May 2023.

Innovative Education Grants
Grants provided to individuals or groups of teachers and staff to pursue innovative programs and instruction projects related to the overall educational program in the Warwick School District

Awards for Individual Grants
Small Grants for Individuals – up to $3,000
Large Grants for Individuals – range from over $3,000 up to $25,000

Awards for Group Grants
Small Grants for Groups – up to $6,000
Large Grants for Groups – range from over $6,000 up to $25,000

Innovative Education Grant Application – Spring 2023-24

Expert in Residence Grants
Grants provided to individual or groups of teachers and staff wishing to invite "outside experts" to offer programs such as lectures, demonstrations, hands-on learning, etc., in order to augment, enrich and extend the regular curriculum in the Warwick School District.
Awards up to $20,000

Expert in Residence Grant Application – 2023-24

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Grant Awards for 2022-23 (as of 123122)
Teacher Grants and Recipients 2022-23

What will the Foundation fund?
Many meaningful and worthy programs and projects can impact student education. The Foundation follows these guidelines when granting awards.
Educational Impact Guidance