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Phidgeting with code, roving on Mars. Before stepping into Mr. Wile’s computer science class at Warwick High, let’s time-travel to Mars. It’s February 2021. NASA’s Perseverance […]
How auto-darkening helmets protect Warwick High welders.  Before we tell you why the 45 welding helmets we funded are safer, do you realize Warwick is one […]
Doodling in 3D at Bonfield Elementary  How 3D Doodling connects art, technology, and library skills for Bonfield students. Two-dimensional doodling has been around since our cave-dwelling […]
How Nearpod engages 5th graders and accelerates learning at Kissel Hill. Think of it as trying out a new Mediterranean recipe on your family before inviting […]
Hey, Will Maza!   What’s an academic learning facilitator do? Our second teacher profile doesn’t feature a teacher. And right away you want to ask, “So […]
Spending the summer on Nim’s Island.  To lose yourself in a story, to give yourself over to the world created by the author’s imagination, is like […]
Doug Balmer: putting a smile in Warwick chemistry His favorite chemistry teacher was “always cracking jokes” while urging his students to excel. So when Doug Balmer […]
Let’s follow the sun In Honors Astronomy, OT Nolan Rucci makes a solar panel operate like a sunflower.  In the natural order of things, trees and […]
Want to prevent Lititz Run erosion? Start with fifth-graders. Hands-on learning about stream erosion is taking place in the fifth grades of all four Warwick elementary […]
After a dark and stormy night, a mysterious egg on the beach. Let’s say you’re a young Scottish lass or lad. You’re poking around the seashore […]