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Literacy Champion, Warwick Role Model.

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December 11, 2018
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May 1, 2019

Dolly Parton gave 115 million books to language-hungry kids. We’re inspired.

 Her father couldn’t read. But he dreamed Dolly would use her success in country music to put books in kids’ hands. So she founded Imagination Library and has donated over 115 million books to kids ages 1-5. Kids at a critical age in language formation. Kids hungry for learning, starved for books.

Here at Warwick Education Foundation, we’ve long recognized how important it is for parents to read to children. So to encourage language enrichment beyond the elementary school classroom, each year we fund a special program to bring an award-winning children’s author to the Warwick elementary schools.

And each year, before the author arrives on campus, we pass out one of his or her books, whichever title was selected by the Warwick teachers who won our grant. Every elementary student gets a copy to keep and read at home with their parents. All across the Warwick community, 1900 kids are reading the same book at the same time.

Most years, it’s a Newbery medal winner. An excellent example of wonder-filled literature for younger kids. Delightful stories that expand their imaginations, engage their senses, and raise questions to ask the author. Which they get a chance to do.

Few will grow up to be writers. But all will grow up richer, imprinted by the ancient art of storytelling.

It’s one way your donations are making a difference. Go to to see other ways your contributions are having a impact.

Thanks again. And next time you pick up a good book, remember those 1900 Warwick kids.