ExtraGive pumps Extra STEAM into Warwick ed

Warwick schools are committed to a full-spectrum STEAM education for all 4100 students, K-12. Science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math.

But what about all those extra teaching tools above and beyond the district’s budget? Where is that extra money going to come from?

Once a year, it comes from your ExtraGive donation earmarked for the Warwick Education Foundation. For 2020, ExtraGive day is November 20. That’s when 500 Lancaster County non-profits make their case for your support.

Every hour, for 24 hours, your donation does double-duty. First, whatever you give will be put to work right at the flashpoint of learning. Second, it will give us the chance to win a $500 bonus from the Lancaster County Community Foundation. They’ll funnel an extra $500,000 into the organizations that demonstrate the support of the community.

So the more donations pegged for us, the more likely Warwick kids will benefit. Just look how much impact your giving can have.

  • $35 puts a book in the hands of 7 elementary students and their families during our annual One Book One School One Community reading program. It chips in for the author’s visit too.
  • $50 pays for supplies and registrations for a middle schooler to compete in Science Olympiad.
  • $100 funds 7% of supply costs for high schoolers to design and build a broadcasting studio.
  • $360 allows 58 fifth-graders to use Nearpod digital learning and actively participate in their instruction—an invaluable help when the schools were closed.
  • $2,900 updates science instruments so high school students can collect real environmental data outdoors.

So please. For the love of learning, for the love of giving Warwick students a chance to succeed in life, for the love of this community, be extraordinary on November 20.

Thank you.

P.S. Visit our blog again after Thanksgiving. We’ll post the results and celebrate what happens when Warwick pulls together to educate our kids.

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ExtraGive pumps Extra STEAM into Warwick ed

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