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Taking Words from Page to Stage

How does an 8th grader from today's high-tech world relate to civil rights history from the 1950's and 60s? At Warwick Middle School, ears tune to stories and history comes alive when real-life actors perform "Martin and Malcolm" for kids on the school's stage.

Our Experts-in-Residence, like this traveling troupe of actors standing alongside Warwick middle-schoolers, bring learning about Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X to life by bringing real life to learning.

High school geologists now "see" inside rocks and minerals

New high-powered polarizing microscopes are helping Warwick science students better understand the make-up of rocks and special properties of minerals. The scopes examine what's inside each rock and reveal its composition by showing the interior in different colors. They open a world of learning far more amazing than just inspecting the outer surface of the material.

We supply cool tools like state-of-the-art science equipment because we've learned hands-on tools build cooler schools. And a stronger community.

How do you get children to read more?

When One School One Book One Community rolled out to all Warwick elementary schools, it was a community event for reading. Over 2,000 students read the same book at the same time with their families.
"Reading the book has been a joy for us," said one mother of elementary students. "There were great talking points for the kids at home." Plus, the book theme moved young people to action with service projects across the Warwick community.

And the hero who placed the books in their hands? That's you - when you support us.

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